Thursday, 17 January 2013

A post on beauty products...

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I'm not someone who talks about beauty, ever...  Really just because I know what I like and I don't switch things up very often - I have sensitive skin and heavy flat hair, so when I find products that work I store them in my brain and generally just repurchase when I find them on offer somewhere.  I actually thought I was pretty low maintenance until I started taking pictures for this post - I have so many lotions and potions in reality!
My shower essentials - Aussie hair products and St Ives face wash.  I use either soap or shower gels which I get in abundance every Christmas, I honestly couldn't tell you when I last bought them least two years ago anyway!
I use Clean and Clear moisturizer daily, plus the basics like talc, mascara and my Mason Pearson for the crazy hair.  I love that clean teeth feeling so I use an Oral B Triumph brush, toothpaste for sensitive teeth (mine do not like ice cream), floss and a tongue scraper.  Plus right now I'm testing a peach flavoured Soap and Glory cleanser from my Christmas set - can't say it's very effective at the make up removal but it smells yummy!
On my bedside cabinet - deodorant (has to be Dove!), Lady Million perfume, foot cream (again, not very effective but smells good, like parma violets), hand cream and lip balm.  I couldn't live without hand cream...this one has a Christmas smell, bought from TK Maxx for £1 in the sale last year, bargain!

What's your favourite beauty products?  Anything you can't live without?



  1. I'm not really one for loads of beauty products. I'm a Dove girl too, and due to swimming I wash my hair daily - I swear by Boots swimmers shampoo and conditioner, my hair has got so much better since I started using that.
    Other than that, the essentials I carry around with me are Carmex lipbalm and a mini JPG perfume.

  2. Can't live without lipbalm (Burt's Bees) - I have several sticks of it lurking in various places so I'm never caught short! Also the Aussie spray leave-in conditioner, my hair's so tangly when it's wet and that really helps.

  3. Great post, I do love to have a nosey in people's bathrooms! I keep meaning to try St Ive's and you've just reminded me. xx

  4. I can't do without John Frieda Brilliant Brunette conditioner and serum stuff (can't remember the name of that one but I put it in wet hair before I dry it). I ran out just before Christmas and my hair did not look the same when I was using different products!


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