Monday, 7 January 2013

Challenge 1 & 2...

The first tick off the challenge list happened this weekend!  Actually I ended up completing two challenges in one, which totally counts btw...yeah...

Challenge 1 - Have a nostalgia trip (go somewhere you loved as a kid, watch a childhood cartoon, meet an old friend) 
This one sort of fell into my lap - a while ago someone mentioned on Twitter that the CITV channel was running an 'Old Skool Weekend' to celebrate thirty years of broadcasting, and they were planning to show a bunch of programs from the 80s, 90s and 00s.  Being someone who probably has more memories of childhood tv shows than they should have, I was in heaven.  I managed to watch most of the programming over Saturday and Sunday, even though there were a few I didn't recognize, and some were truly terrible.  Sunday morning was fantastic though - I nearly exploded with joy over the Rainbow theme tune, didn't stop smiling during The Riddlers and had a fit of glee over remembering nearly every word to the Rosie and Jim tune and intro (John - 'you saw me steering the boat right now, but that's not my real job.  My real job is writing books, book for children just like you').  I'll shut up now.

Challenge 2 - Spend the day/night watching only one channel. See what you learn
Sarah thought I was doing this challenge after I yapped about retro weekend on Twitter, which does makes sense, so I figured I'd include it too.  I watched CITV from 9-4ish both days and learned that children are disgustingly over-exposed to advertising, even though there were only about four different ads on a loop the entire day, a program called Engie Benjy clearly thinks kids are way dumber than they actually are (I hope) and I still really really REALLY want a shot in the Fun House.

Did anyone else watch Old Skool Weekend?  What were your highlights?



  1. Yay, 2 challenges in one hit! I don't have the CITV channel - I'm gutted, I would have loved to watch that :( . I think a lot of modern kids TV shows are awful; not sure if I only like the older ones for nostalgic reasons, or if they really were better!

  2. Ha ha - I was *joking* about you watching one channel and seeing what you learned, but you've proved me wrong!

  3. Congratulations on ticking off your first list items! I have done a few so far, it's exciting - I love your's and Sarah's list!

    I watched Fun House too and I also really want to go on it! It was so great that it lived up to my memory of it.

  4. I still need to catch-up on Sunday's programming, I recorded some of it.

    I nearly wet myself when Puddle Lane came on - I didn't even know that I knew it until the theme tune started and then it all came rushing back to me.

    I also completely cracked up at some of the prizes on Fun House - the 2 most memorable being a rucksack and a mouth organ. Kids don't know they're born these days!


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