Monday, 14 January 2013

Challenge 3...

(post de-clutter!)
I'm afraid to say, decluttering and organizing and tidying my flat is one of my favourite things to do.  Especially when I do it well and everything is neat and there's lots of lovely space for my other favourite thing, sprawling on the floor with my laptop/book/notepad/knitting.  Oh yeah, I'm incapable of sitting on the couch for extended periods of time.  Anyway, one of the challenges fitted in rather well with my money saving/spring cleaning burst of energy in January, so I did not one thing but all on this challenge...

Challenge 3 - Clear out under your bed/the junk drawer/your wardrobe/that bulging cupboard
Yup, I cleared under my bed (where my shoe boxes live), my junk drawer (where the medicines and notebook stash live), my wardrobe (where the clothes live, obv!) and the bulging cupboard (except mine were drawers.  Totally the same.).  I should point out that my tshirts, pjs and gym clothes live in the drawers, so I do have more clothing than it seems here...  It's good in that everywhere is now tidy, it's bad in that I now have a pile of eBay stuff that I can't face dealing with.  I did manage to get it online, so now it's just about steeling myself for all the wrapping, posting and that one inevitable arse of a person that crops up to moan every time I do a bulk listing.  Yay!

(Last week on the challenge Sarah watched a classic film, see how she got on here!)


  1. Ah, I should have linked back to your last post! Next week I'll remember. :)

  2. You're doing well! I enjoy a good potter around my room doing a mini tidy-up before bed but it's rare that I can face tackling the big tasks. I'm getting there slowly though :)

  3. Good for you, am trying to declutter too but it's going some ebay listing to do too...

  4. Yay, decluttering is so much fun! Listing on ebay is soul destroying though, it should really put me off buying more stuff but it never seems to work that way


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