Monday, 21 January 2013

Challenge 4...

This weeks challenge only happened yesterday, even though I'd been planning and putting it off all week, but whatever, it's done now!  

Challenge 4 - Rearrange some furniture.
My living room has been bugging me for a while.  Most of the furniture in it isn't mine because this room actually came with furniture when I started renting - always a downside I reckon, mostly because I'm really fussy and also like SPACE.  Plus the not-very-effective radiator is in a stupid position under a draughty window behind the couch, and the tv is wall mounted, so there's only so much I could do...but I decided to give it a try anyway.
Here's the before pic of both sides of the room.  The bookcase and tv bench are mine, and both were where I wanted them to be, so this side of the room pretty much stayed the same.  As you can see the couch is in a handy position for hiding crafty stuff behind, but not much else... (it's also mega uncomfortable, think I need one of those plastic tray things that go under the cushions to make them more stable...everyone knows what I mean right?!)  
So the front of the room is mostly unchanged, but in the back I angled the couch to make the radiator more exposed and set up my folding table for sewing stuff until I can find a desk I like (again, I'm being far too fussy over this.)  I moved the side drawers to the other end of the couch and stuck my mannequin next to the sewing table, although I think it'll be donated to my friend who's desperate for one, since I don't really use it any more.  There's also a super annoying set of drawers next to the green chair, if you can see that...  Another thing I don't need in there but I have nowhere else to put them right now.  I'm not thrilled with the overall effect but it gives me a little space for sewing - once I find a desk I may look at shifting things again.  I did also manage to tidy up after taking the pics, the thing about having the sofa to myself is it just gets cluttered with my knitting and laptop, oops!

(Last week Sarah spent a day in pjs - not through choice unfortunately!  See how she got on here.)



  1. you're going to feel the benefit of that heater now the sofa is moved :) x

  2. That's the annoying thing about renting with furniture - it can be hard to do your own thing with the space, but you've done a pretty good job! Having the radiator exposed can only be a good thing, and hopefully it'll give you more room for doing crafty stuff :)


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