Sunday, 20 January 2013

Faff Favourites...

I'm afraid the only pictures I've taken this week were featured in yesterdays post...  Apparently staying indoors or floating between the gym and work don't make for very exciting viewing... so please enjoy this picture taken somewhere near Aberdeen from a trip to see my friend a few years ago - I think she said it's actually the name of a farm and that the sign got stolen so many times they had to solder it on in the end haha!


Some of the best Tina Fey and Amy Poehler moments from the Golden Globes - wish I could have watched it, the winners were as predictable as ever but I love these two!

8 Signs Your Inner Child is Winning - oh god these are all true.... (although I never go grocery shopping with the intention of being a responsible adult)

Explaining the 2013 Best Picture Nominees to my Mother - sounds about right...except my mum has decided she quite likes Bradley Cooper ;)

Fund the Life of Your Dreams - cause ya'll know I'm all about the money saving

A POMPOM BOOKMARK!!! - cause I'm also all about the pompoms

Sarah always takes gorgeous pictures but these ones on the beach are my favourites so far!



  1. Love the 'signs your inner child is winning'! I am indeed easily entertained... By the TV! xx

  2. Haha - YES! I HATE sharing, I always thought it's because I'm an only child!


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