Sunday, 27 January 2013

Faff Favourites

I may not get dressed need really ;)


How Much Stuff Should You Have?

The Top Five Career Regrets

Learning Compassion at a Bar

How totally awesome are these knitted fox mittens?!

And Suzy's handmade stationary, perfect!

WANT - A closet turned into a bookcase

A perfect Disney/Harry Potter mash up - so funny

Sarah's gonna teach us how to take Brilliant Pictures with a Basic Camera, loving it!



  1. Great links. I've been really trying hard to declutter recently, so I loved the post about having the right amount of stuff. Having said that I never get rid of books, so I could definitely use the walk-in book shelves! xx

  2. Oh I do love your favourites posts x

  3. aw! thanks for including me!!!! :)

  4. I love these posts! That career one is especially relevant for me at the moment, and I love the compassion one too. Also, haven't got around to catching up with Sarah's blog yet but the photography posts look brill! :)


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