Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Guide to being a Cheapskate - Part 2


As I mentioned yesterday, this is a great time of year to think about saving money.  I actually did a post like this last year with loads of tips, and I had such fun writing it that I've come up with even more ways to be a cheapskate!  I'm always on the look out for ways to save money and stretch my budget further, so hopefully some of these with be useful to you.  For the original post go here.

  • Go through all your Christmas pressies and sort out anything you don't want and return, re-gift or sell - or you could go even further and have a total clearout then make some money on eBay! (never mind spring cleaning, new year cleaning is one of my favourite things!)
  • Instead of going out, have friends round for a pot luck dinner or a movie night - everyone brings something different to eat, or snacks and their favourite DVD.  My place isn't particularly spacious but we've done the movie thing a few times and it always goes down well.
  • If you're within reasonable distance of a few supermarkets, check out all their offers to make your money go further.  Also a good single person tip is to shop with someone else and split the multi-buy offers or your fruit and veg - my ex flatmate and I used to do this with fresh food and it saved so much waste.
  • Because my hair's longer I can cut it myself - my hairdresser only charges £10 a cut but over a year this could save around £60.  Really I need her to cut some layers back in soon, but £10 once a year isn't something I can really begrudge.
  • I can't believe I didn't put this in the original post since I've been doing it for yeeears - I use talc on my hair instead of washing it every day or buying dry shampoo.  The last time I bought some it was 99p for one of the big tubs, which I've been using for more than 3 years and it's only half used, so I think around six years of non greasy hair for less than £1 is my greatest bargain yet!
  • Get a banking app and use it regularly to keep track of all your in and out goings.  My bank came out with one a few months ago and it's very handy - just make sure you log out every time.

The next lot aren't directly money saving, but I think they save pennies somewhere along the line...

  • Wear more layers - it's winter people (in this country anyway), use your common sense and layer up the clothing, especially with thermals if you have them.  My work is usually warm enough but when I'm in the flat (as I can be for days at a time) it really is a cold place so I've gotten skilled at wearing multi-layers and moving about regularly!
  • Speaking of moving about, think about walking more, either for exercise of just to get from A to B.  I soon warm up when I'm marching back and forth all bundled up in my woolies.
  • Pass on or swap your old clothing, books or movies with friends - I give away books and DVDs often, and loan out my favourites for other people to share the awesomeness. (I especially like the people that take less than a year to return things...)
  • This one sounds obvious but don't take parts in things you don't want to do, more so the ones that cost money - people won't be offended if you politely say no or offer to meet them for a drink instead of a meal and full night out.  Or, for example, when I went to Wales with my friends, they wanted to go a few places that I wasn't interested in, so I wandered around the local area or read my book while they went on an excursion, then we met up again after.  That way they got to do their thing, I got time by myself and no-one feels resentful.
  • Question every purchase - I'm getting better at this where my wardrobe is concerned but I still find myself buying 'one more tshirt' or 'a spare pack of black tights' on occassion!  Or when I really wanted an iPad for Christmas, I thought it through and it made more sense for me to get a new laptop, taking into account everything I'd be using it for.  I will be getting an iPhone next month though - after two years with the worst Android phone ever it's time to just accept Apple are superior ;)

Hope these tips are helpful, feel free to add your own in the comments!



  1. Super helpful tips, thank you :) I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to doing a meal plan, but I know that if I did I would save a lot.

  2. All fab ideas - I'm loving all the spring cleaning/organisational posts around at the mo!! xx

  3. Great tips! You can trade old books in on Amazon now, too - I'm planning to sell some of mine back for credit in the next few weeks.

  4. we always try a buy a lot of food in bulk and break it down and freeze it - things like mince freeze great. If we have left overs from tea - well that makes my lunch for the next day. Just little things all add up to saving.

  5. Great post. I wish everyone would do the 'not doing something you don't want to do' point I have a friend who never wants to miss out even when she's clearly not interested........for example she came to see a comedian with me and another friend and fell asleep, what a waste! Xxx

  6. I can learn from this! I really should stop saying yes to everything. I like being social but sometimes I agree to go along to things, even if I don't really want to and it's costing me a fortune!

    Also, I shouldn't stock up on clothes the way I do. I get a little bit like 'I need to make sure that if this top ever wears out, I have another one ready to replace it!!'.


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