Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Faff Guide to Wardrobe Organization

  After writing yesterday about my super mega clearout, I thought I'd share some wardrobe tidying tips with you.  I'm sure there's tons of these articles already out there so I've just done a quick summary of the way I do things. (The best way.  Obviously.)  Depending on how much stuff you have in your wardrobe, this can take an hour or a day, but the more you do it the less time it takes!

  • First of all, take EVERYTHING out your wardrobe/drawers/shoe cupboard.  This way you'll be less inclined to stuff it all back in after you've seen that nice empty, tidy space.
  • Give inside the storage areas a dust and polish.  Just because.
  • Take each item one at a time and either put it back where it came from (regularly worn items in good condition), toss it in the bin or recycling pile (for charity shops or ebaying) or try it on if you're not sure whether it's still flattering (or ever was...) or relevant to your current style.
  • Don't forget to scrutinize the shoes, belts, scarves and handbags too!

  • Make sure all items you want to keep are in good condition - i.e. mend and iron everything that needs it.  It's probably also worth noting if there's any items that just don't go with anything else you own - are they really worth keeping if they're so hard to style?
  • This logic also works if you have about twenty pretty dresses but live in jeans...
  • Note anything that needs replaced in order of urgency.
  • In the case of any new purchases, go back to the Try Everything On motto before buying ANYTHING.  It's also a good idea to get a bra fit done if you haven't had one in the past year or so - you might find your clothes fit better when wearing a properly sized underwear!  (side note - non VPL underwear is a rather handy thing to own too...)
  • I also like to separate my summer/winter only clothes so they're not getting in the way of the items I can actually wear day to day (although up here cardigans and raincoats are ALWAYS in rotation...).  A storage box under your bed is handy if you're lacking storage space.  But don't store items you never intend to wear again 'just in case'!

Feel free to add your own tips in the comments, I love finding new ways to be efficient and organized! (loser...)



  1. Fab post - I'm totally inspired to sort out my clothes this weekend! I have so many (mostly not-getting-worn) items squashed in my wardrobe that everything comes out creased :(

  2. Excellent post! I'd also add - if space is limited, don't be afraid of getting a couple of archive boxes/suitcases and packing up summer frocks and sandals in the autumn and putting them away for six months (obviously ditto for winter jumpers etc in the spring). I'm a great one for wearing things all year round but my wardrobe is so small that I just can't fit *all* my clothes in there and this is a great solution. Plus you get a six monthly surprise about the clothes you'd forgotten you owned!

  3. Great advice! Alas, my wardrobe is tiny AND I have nowhere else to store boxes of clothes so I have had to learn to be ruthless. I can't think of anything to add to this post, though!


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