Thursday, 10 January 2013

Five Awesome People...

My mum is a total legend.  Which I'm sure is something most people can say, but it doesn't make it any less true.  She's the only person I'd tell absolutely anything to, and she's good at being honest in a gentle way.  She'll go out of her way to help anyone, often at the expense of her own wellbeing, which drives me nuts.  But you can't ever persuade her to do anything she doesn't want to do, so I guess that's a plus.  She's also very generous and always has biscuits.  And hates getting her picture taken - this one is two years old!
My brother is also a legend.  He's almost four years younger than me but, in some ways, far more mature.  He too is far too generous and knows how to fix all computer stuff (except iTunes.  Huh).  I can't remember the last time I saw him lose his temper and he's super good at falling asleep with his tv on.  He loves midnight snacks and eats toast with brown sauce probably every day.
I've known Mhairi since we were really young, but we only started hanging out when we were about fourteen.  She's twelve days older than me but, like Michael, seems way more mature.  She also never gets mad - except about actual things you're entitled to get mad about, like traffic or stupid colleagues.  If she ever has to cancel plans she always re-arranges, and she always knew her passion and followed it single mindedly.  And she loves driving, which makes me think she must be all kinds of crazy inside. (She also loves Crocs, but admits they are ugly but practical.)
It's thanks to Mhairi I know my other fabby friends, John and Moffat.  John and Mhairi went out for a while when we were twenty-ish, although I didn't get to know him until a few years ago when he started hanging out with us (his first proper experience with me was at a barn dance where I got super drunk then rambled in the back of the car the whole way home...)  He's trained to do just about everything but works with computers, so if my brother doesn't know how to fix something, John will.  He's also a photographer and is teaching me to use functions on my camera that don't say 'auto'.
Moffat I met through Mhairi's brother, they went to school together and gradually started hanging out with us about seven years ago.  Now he lives about a mile from me and is responsible for getting me completely hooked on exploring.  He's probably the first person I turn to if I'm looking for company - both him and John seem to have the entire contents of Google stored in their brains, but like me Moffat's a history buff so he's super interesting to have a conversation with/grill about local history.  He's also always prepared and enthusiastic, which I'm hoping will rub off on me one day.  And he can eat more than I do, no mean feat!



  1. I don't think I even know what toast with brown sauce is! But it looks like you have some good people in your life :)

  2. Aw what good friends and family you have! I keep meaning to write a little list of all the things I love about everyone in my life, a bit like this :)

  3. This is lovely! I'd like to do a post like this, but there are only a few of my friends I get to mention on my blog!

    Have you explorers ever tried geocaching?


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