Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!


I didn't get out last night, all my friends deserted me :(  Obviously sitting about in my pjs and eating leftover Christmas food instead was just terrible...  Totally.  I'm actually very anti-social given half a chance, so I wasn't too gutted about our plans being changed.  Yesterday was rather good - I got dressed, Mother found Nerds for £2 (!!!) and when I went to buy more they also had Runts and Gobstoppers!  (We found them in The Original Factory Shop, if anyone else is as obsessed as I am.)

I'm quite glad to see the back of 2012 - not that I believe much that just because it's a new year means all the new habits should start at once, but it's a nice chance to start over if the notion takes you.  2012 wasn't exactly a bad year for me, but I feel like nothing really happened in terms of moving my life forward.  By far the best thing I did was joining the Scouts as an assistant Cub leader back in January, which has been way more fun than I ever imagined - I learned to kayak, build rafts, fix my bike and raise my voice.  Often.  And I'm almost over my fear of children (babies not included).  But for the most part things were either rubbish (after hurting my hip in June, everything else that could have went wrong did) or static (I got an unavoidable promotion at work that somehow meant a lower wage and less hours...).  So this year I'm looking to shake things up a bit.  I think my 'blog every day in January challenge' and of course mine and Sarah's '2013 Challenge' should help a bit anyway!

How's everyone else celebrating the new year?  Any parties going on?

(the above pic was taken at Christmas - my BFF Mhairi is incapable of pulling a daft face in pictures, clearly she needs to move home and hang out with me more!)



  1. Happy new year (for about the tenth time!). I feel the same way about this past year, so I'm using this a chance to draw a line under it and move forward. And our challenge is going to be AWESOME.

  2. Yes I feel the same about 2012, it's been a bit of a treading water year for sure. NO MORE! Let's do stuff!!! Happy new year! xx


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