Thursday, 24 January 2013

How I store my crafty stuff...

 After the living room switch around the other day, some of my crafting bits and bobs were a bit more accessible, so I thought I'd share how I keep everything organised in a not very big space.  My crafting mostly includes sewing and knitting, which of course just seems to breed materials...  Regular clearouts are key I think!  Above is my main sewing corner, which holds my machine, box of tools and a drawer set with my wool and threads.  This thing is so handy - my mum picked it up in Asda after I moaned for ages about trying to find one the right size.
 My sewing patterns box is from Ikea and is just the right size for patterns.
 I got boxes of thread with my sewing machine (they were doing all kinds of 'free gifts' with it for some reason, I also got a bag and a scissors set) which live in the top drawer, along with the embroidery threads I got last summer to make friendship bracelets with.  I've yet to start that...
 The middle two shelves are wool and the bottom is a pile of old knitting patterns and spare needles (mostly pinched from Mother over the years...).
 My sewing fabric is kept in a crate style box behind the couch - I don't sew very much now so I got rid of a lot of fabrics and only kept what I intend to use in the next year or so.  The elephants were a recent acquisition but I bought less than I meant to (only 1.5 metres) so I need to think of something to turn it into... any ideas?
 My Cath Kidston needle roll was a gift from Mother a few years ago.  It lives in my gran's old knitting bag, which is looking a bit tatty these days, but I totally love it, the fabric is perfect :)
Inside the sewing box (another old Christmas pressie from Mother!) is all the wee fiddly bits - ribbons, buttons, elastic, hooks and eyes, press studs, safety pins, scissors and more threads.  And my mini pliers, which must have paid for themselves about ten times over by now, they're so handy!

What's in your crafty stash?  Do you like to keep things organized or work around the clutter?



  1. Love the sewing box! I only really do knitting but I definitely keep it organised because crafty clutter drives me mad and puts me off doing it. My wool is in a plastic box, needles in a holder simiilar to yours, and patterns/notepad in a knitting bag. I also have a knitting bag for each knitting project so I can keep them together. I'd love to sew but have never got round to buying a sewing machine as I'm so worried I won't use it and it'll end up gathering dust!

  2. Yes I think you're right about the regular clear outs, I currently have piles of fabric and bags full of wool all over my bedroom floor, all being used as cat beds and not much else!!

  3. That's a nice organised stash. Mine is spread over a few locations and I really need to sort it out.

    You'd have enough elephant fabric to make a cute mini skirt!

  4. I have two big boxes of fabrics and a biscuit tin full of useful bits and pieces and a cardboard box of old threads I got second hand... and I haven't sewn in MONTHS because there's hardly any room to do it in... Every time I open the fabric boxes I'm surprised by what's inside; I can't even remember what I own.

  5. I've just sorted my crafty stuff in to drawers like your plastic ones, that's enough room or me.......for now.
    I love your sewing box and the elephant fabric, can't help with what you should make though xxx

  6. You've inspired me! My sewing stuff's scattered all over the house in an appalling fashion. Maybe I'll make the most of the awful weather and stay in and organise it later! x

  7. Wow your soo neat and tidy, its wonderful!
    I seem to be spending much more time lately moving stuff around than actually making any thing! Im in the middle of having a super sort out of all my craft stuff, and so for the past few days have not been able to see the bedroom floor, which is a little worrying!
    Oh and as Kestrel says an elephant mini skirt would be fabulous xx

  8. You are so much more organised then me! I love love love your needle case. The fabric is so sweet:)

  9. Now that's what I call 'organized'.
    I wish my creative corner looked like this but alas it doesn't.
    I sometimes have to start looking a week in advance to find all the bits and bobs for a project, the shame!


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