Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to make a super easy cushion cover

I have here a super easy craft for using up some spare fabric and a spare half hour.  And a spare cushion, if you happen to have one floating around.  I got my cushion in the charity shop for 5p last week, and the purple gingham has been in my stash for years.  All you'll need besides this is some thread and a sewing machine, although you could do it by hand if you have way more patience than me!  The final result is a simple envelope style cover which you can decorate or leave plain.  
1 - First, lay your cushion on the fabric and wrap it round so it overlaps - my cushion measures 16x16 inches and the fabric 40x20, with the overlap being about 8 inches, but you can use your own judgement here.  Either side of my cushion had about 2 inches seam allowance as well.

2 - Once cut to the right size, lay your fabric out flat (right side down) and turn in either end by about half an inch - I usually press it at this point to make life easier.
3 - Turn it in again and stitch along the edge of the turn line.

4 - With gingham this is gloriously easy and you end up with a nice line!
5 - Wrap the fabric round your cushion again (wrong side up) then slide the cushion out the side.  This will help you get the sizing right for sewing the ends together.

6 - Straighten out the fabric and pin the two ends - normally I don't bother with pinning but it helps keep things right in this case.
7 - Stitch along the two open edges, trim off any excess fabric and threads then turn the cover right side out.  You can press the sewn edges here if you want a slightly neater finish.

8 - I added a bow from my stash to one of the corners of mine - best done before you put the cushion in if you don't want to accidentally sew them together... (ahem, never happened to me of course!)
Insert your cushion and voila!  One pretty new cushion cover.  As you can tell I decided to add the bow after taking the picture...  I've been using this technique for years and it's pretty much foolproof, especially if you don't like faffing with zips and buttonholes.  Plus it's easy to get the covers on and off for washing.  And of course it awesomely quick and cheap if you have the right materials lying around!  You could even make a bow, frill or pocket in the same or co-ordinating fabric to make things more interesting.

Has anyone tried this method before?  Or planning to?


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  1. Yes- I love the envelope style for a quick and easy cushion cover! I never leave enough 'overlap' though and end up with bulging cushion situation!


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