Friday, 4 January 2013

Jackie Burkhart - Style Icon

I'm a huge fan of That 70s Show.  In fact I'm a huge fan of the 70s in general - the flares, the knitwear, the patterns, the big hair...  I'll take it all please.  Jackie was always my favourite character on the show, despite her whiny voice and ridiculous storyline development in the last season.  And she had, by far, the best wardrobe too.  I've put together a bit of a dedication to it - it's not often I say this but I'd wear just about every one of these outfits, if I was small and perky like Jackie of course (totally more of a Donna in reality, damn).
Can I just say...Best. Knitwear.  Ever!

I know the last one is from a dream sequence or something but it reminded me of being a kid and desperately wanting one of those cone shaped princess hats - Mother eventually made me one, it didn't have the wafting fabric bit tho so it was obviously rubbish.

I need a pattern jumpsuit and a giant fur collared coat in my life.

Here's some bonus ones from more of the cast - Hyde's red trousers and Kelso's mushroom top are properly awesome.

Any favourites?  Jackie's influence is welcome in my wardrobe anytime.  Must admit I love Red too but his outfits weren't nearly as interesting...



  1. Ah some lovely knitwear there indeed! I don't watch that prog but was always being told I looked like Donna when I had my long red hair at uni :\

  2. I'm also more of a Donna in real life, as well. But being rather tall has its perks. I would never trade it for being Jackie ;)

  3. Never seen the show, but those outfits are amazing!

  4. She sure is pretty! I particularly like her rainbow bright roller skating look!


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