Wednesday, 2 January 2013

On the cheap...

Jumper - charity shop
Dress - F&F via charity shop
Tights - Topshop
Shoes - Matalan

I've decided January is the month to save money, revamp the budgets and develop better spending habits.  It seems fitting anyway, with all the resolutions going on.  So it's somehow convenient that the first day of the year saw me wearing one of my cheapest outfits - the shoes were £10, the jumper £1 and the dress a mere 10p! (I don't usually buy cheap shoes but I always find it hard to get cute ones that actually fit, so these were the exception ;)) Admittedly I'm wearing a not-very-cheap thermal top underneath, but it means I'm toasty enough not to have to put the heating on, which totally counts as saving money of course.  I'm also wearing double tights, which wouldn't have cost more than £2 each - I've started wearing thick tights almost exclusively, they last so much longer than the 15-denier ones and I can wear my skirts and leggings all winter now! 

Must admit I'm looking forward to having a nosy in the charity shops with my Christmas money, there's a serious lack of cute-but-practical clothing in my wardrobe at the moment.  Although I've also got some sewing practice to do so I'm also on the lookout for anything I can tailor to fit.  My friend has tasked me with the huge job of making her wedding dress - it's not due for another 2.5 years (who plans that well?!) but I haven't sewn properly in years, as you can imagine I'm slightly nervous...

How does you save money on clothing?



  1. You always have the best knitwear! I can't really advise as I tend NOT to save money on clothing *sheepish face*.

    Wow to the wedding dress request!!! I look forward to hearing more about that - there's no way I'd trust myself with something like that but I'm sure you'll be great, sewing seems to come more naturally to you than it does to me - best of luck! x

  2. How exciting to be asked to make a wedding dress! And 2.5 years is plenty time to get in loads of practise!
    I can't give much advice on getting clothes cheap, that you don't already know! x

  3. 10p??? That's amazing. And I do love those tights.
    I don't save money on clothing =/ must start! Happy New Year! xx

  4. Oh man that jumper looks tooooo cosy!

  5. I love this whole outfit especially the jumper, I'm trying to save this year.....I can cope with not going in high street shops but I can't resist a charity shop xxx

  6. I just... don't buy much? 10p, though! Wow! Even the cheap charity shops here aren't THAT cheap.


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