Saturday, 5 January 2013

This Week I...

 ...hung out with my bestest buddies
 ...and ate a fabby pub lunch, which actually wasn't that fabby but I got to have chips at lunch time, always the right ingredient for a good day!
Top - George via charity shop
Dress - H&M via charity shop
Converse - gift
...started trying out cute-but-practical with the wardrobe choices - I'm wearing green tights under polka dot tights, the effect is rather cool in real life.

...watched Hairspray, Mary Poppins, Up and Date Night (plus bits of Addams Family Values and Three Men and a Little Lady) all in one day A Place Called Here by Cecilia Ahern for the millionth time, also in one day, and my traditional Christmas book, Oor Wullie

...ate far too much cheese, which my skin is now paying the price for, and the usual roast dinners/chocolate/crisps/tomato soup festive diet

...creating lots of blog posts for my January challenge, I'm buzzing with ideas right now!



  1. Sounds like a fabulous week! x

  2. Good week, New Year's Day I just watched films too, some similar to above but I also fit wizard of oz in there.enjoy your weekend xxx

  3. I bloody love Oor Wullie! When I was wee, my grandpa got the annual every year and I'd be so torn between squirrelling myself away and reading it all at once or just doing a couple here and there!

  4. Ah I love that horsey t-shirt! I've totally copied this format for my Sunday posts, hoping to keep it up every week (hope you don't mind!) xx


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