Saturday, 12 January 2013

This Week I...

Hoodie - H&M mens
Dress - vintage Dorothy Perkins via charity shop
Shoes - Matalan
 ...wore an outfit without a jacket to go shopping (indoors) with Mother.  As it happened, she bought me a pretty fabby jacket - it has a fur trimmed hood and is very puffy!  And from the mens department, naturally.
 ...watched CITV Old Skool weekend, lots of That 70s Show and The Hobbit 3D, which was very long, very embellished and very boring.  I may or may not have fallen asleep near the start, but only for about ten minutes, so I had to suffer through the whole thing waiting for any glimpse of the hot archer dwarf and hissing to my friend 'where are the goddamn rings?!'  Probably a good thing I couldn't get through the whole book, think it would have made me mad.  Then on Thursday I previewed Les Miserables and it was wonderful, if not quite enough so to knock Phantom of the Opera off my Favourite Movie Ever spot.  But there were some similarities between the two...a lot actually....  And then there was The Impossible.  Never have I been so emotional over a movie before (and I cry at ANYTHING), but it was harrowing and terrible and hopeful from start to finish.  Highly recommended, if only to make you appreciate life that little bit more. 'Get The Life You Really Want' by James Caan (a bit too light to be in-depth enough) and 'The Joy of Less' by Francine Jay, which I've read before but I'm reading it again cause it's super inspiring!  And I've started 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams, as recommended by my friend (who lent me a rather tatty copy so it must be good!).  I can be found on Goodreads now if anyone wants to keep track of my reading progress...
dress and pjs from Matalan
boots from Tesco

...purchased handy black boots, and Mother bought me a dress, some pjs and that awesome jacket in the Matalan sale.  Obviously the pjs were also menswear and may be my new favourite thing - they only had an XL set left so they're big and long enough and super comfy!  I also got two super bargains this week - one being a return train ticket to York in February to see my best friend for £62 (couldn't quite believe it so booked up before I could think twice!) and the second was spending 5p in my favourite charity shop and walking out with an old cushion to re-cover and a Womans Fitness magazine book.  YES.  (They give away the magazines anyway and the 10p table was having a half price sale, clearly I walked in at the right time...)
...ate yet more Christmas sweets and a salt and pepper flavoured baguette from Tesco.  It was like the normal one but with a kick.  I also took a notion for a chicken, lettuce and salsa baguette one night so dinner was good for a few days!  (I've just realised I seem to take pictures of everything but food.  But everyone knows what food looks like right?)  Then yesterday Mother took me to Dobbies where I tried most of the samples in the food hall and got a fabby cherry and coconut scone for my dinner.  Well first dinner, I had second dinner after seeing The Impossible - we went to Burger King, my first trip there in years and I now know why I favour KFC and McDonalds (bland bland bland).

...created another knitted hexie then plotted out a pattern for a knitted scarf - I've decided to take part in The Downton Abbey Knit Along to get my knitting mojo going again!


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