Saturday, 19 January 2013

This Week I...

Coat - Matalan (mens)
Cardigan - Topshop tall
Dress - Debenhams
Boots - M&S
Scarf - M&S
...wore my super cosy new coat every time I left the house.  It's awesome, I don't even feel the cold when I'm wearing it!  (just realised they have it on the website in yellow - it's rather hideous ;))  I also had three days off in a row and wore pyjamas on two of them, I know how to party.

...watched That 70s Show.  All week.  And Inglorious Basterds again.  Cause it's awesome and the girl is a projectionist like I was.  Guaranteed way to get me to like a movie.  I also caught up on The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother and Up All Night.  Whilst wearing my pjs of course.

eating the almost last of my xmas sweets at work --- scarf in progress! --- catching up on 30 Rock with my fave things - bagels and bed more Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  It was slow going at first but I've gotten more into it now and I'm quite enjoying the ride, although all the ridiculous character names means I actually need to concentrate on it.  Which means I fall asleep reading a lot more than usual.

...purchased nothing but food until yesterday when I went into the pound shop looking for something and came out with some parcel tape and a pad of graph paper (for knitting patterns!).  I'm being a poor person this month, however I made some money on eBay and got a cheque for cubs supplies I bought last month.  So really I'm up from last week ;)

...created half of my Downton Abbey scarf and about four hexies - I'm almost getting the hang of knitting in the round, although my colour work on the scarf came out a little tight at some points, more practice needed!  I've also ran more than usual this week so I guess you could say I've been (re)creating leg muscles...

...ate lots of bagels and Lurpak, finished my Christmas cheese (boo!) and most of the good Christmas sweets, and took a mad craving for tattie scones when I saw them in Tesco the other night.  Finally realised the truth of the phrase 'never go shopping when you're hungry' - I also bought a six pack of Diet Coke and I usually drink juice maybe once a month, mad cravings.

How was everyone else's week?



  1. WHY have I never thought of using graph paper to make sewing patterns. Genius! My week sounds like it's been quite similar to yours... Last night's plans were cancelled because of the snow, so I spent a night in with tea and Netflix :) Hope you're staying warm and enjoying the snow. xx

  2. Love that scarf. And I've been after a cosy fleecy coat for ages!

  3. You look so cute and warm all bundled up! xx

  4. Hi Elise, I've just found your's so interesting and great to read through...I think I seriously need to have a re think on mine!! I'm also a fan of the film Inglorious Basterds and was completely blown away by Christopher Waltz's performance in it. My son is reading Hitchhikers Guide at the moment and is loving it. He's on the second book. He saw the film with Martin Freeman first so I think that's helped him understand some aspects of it (he's only 10!) but I can hear him chuckling away to himself which is great. Look forward to keeping up with your blog. Claire x

  5. Ooh must watch out for graph paper in the pound shop! Looking forward to seeing your Downton Scarf, STILL need to get caught up on that!! x


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