Thursday, 28 February 2013

A trip to Bridlington...

Whilst in Yorkshire, we went a quick trip to the seaside town of Bridlington (last time we went to Scarborough!).  It was completely freezing and stormy but lovely all the same.  I love a good cheesy seaside resort.  We didn't have time for a chippy or a go at the amusement games but I'm definitely planning to head back in the summer!
Has anyone been?  Hopefully the weather will improve soon!


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Challenge 7, 8 & 9

Three in one go for this weeks challenge!  That's what happens when I get dragged out into the world once in a while...

Challenge 7 - Try a new ice cream flavour.
Mhairi had been to a great ice cream place called Mr Moo's and wanted to try and find it again, which of course I wasn't going to object to.  Instead of my usual mint choc chip/coconut/anything with chocolate ice cream choice, I went for something a bit more normal - strawberry and cappuccino.  The strawberry was yummy but the cappuccino was a bit...realistic for my taste.  I like coffee flavoured things but not actual coffee, Mhairi likes actual coffee but not coffee flavoured things, and neither of us liked it haha!
Challenge 8 - Test a new drink.
Ooh this one was predictably fun...hence why I have no pictures of the actual drink!  We went to a gin shop to pick up something for Mhairi's mum, which led to us testing a new (totally awesome) bramble flavoured whiskey.  Later that night we had cherry liquor with West Coast Cooler (too sweet for me!), a fabby new cider that I've forgotten the name of, and more whiskey (Singleton this time) mixed with water.  Also good, but I tend to drink whiskey straight so the added water was a bit strange...
Challenge 9 - Watch a sport.
I really wasn't sure how to pull this one off but luckily the opportunity presented itself on Sunday in the form of the Scotland vs Ireland rugby match.  Mhairi is a huge rugby fan and equal parts Irish and Scottish, and I know not a thing about the game so it seemed as good a time as any to learn the rules whilst ogling tall buff guys.  The end was actually pretty tense so I rather enjoyed myself!

(Lately Sarah's been trying a new restaurant AND a new drink, plus hanging out by herself - check it out!)


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Weekend adventuring...

This weekend I went to Yorkshire to stay with my bestest friend.  As usual, there was lots of walking and cake and exploring and movie watching and scary driving (mostly from others).  On the way down I had the pleasure of sitting in front of a completely irritating mother and her three children on the train, but I was well prepared with headphones and various reading material luckily.
On Saturday we went into York for some shopping and general wandering - since the bus stopped near Long Tall Sally, we went there first and parted with most of our money on the gorgeous new Spring range.  Expect outfit pics soon!  I did my usual faffing of trying on everything in the shop in various sizes...their sizing is rather inconsistent but the sales staff are always a dream so I left happy with a full bag.  There turned out to be a Viking festival on and we saw random people everywhere walking about dressed up (and I mean everywhere...quite a few were shopping in M&S or eating Subways, which was pretty entertaining).
After realising we weren't getting into Betty's (the famous tea and cake shop), we went to the nearest bakers and bought giant muffins for movie watching.  Mine didn't really last that long...the chocolate part was amazing!
Mhairi has a real coal fire.  Which is now my favourite thing ever.  Except it got SO HOT the novelty slightly wore off.  But I still want one.
On Sunday we braved the cold and went to the beach to test Mhairi's new camera (and take terrible self portraits apparently - Mhairi is just about my height, our angling needs work!).  It was completely freezing, so it didn't take us long to hop back in the car and back to the fire... after *cough* buying ice cream *cough*.

Hope everyone else had a fab weekend!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Two random outfits...

I actually managed to be home during that brief window of time when my flat gets some light in at the weekend so I got a couple of outfit pics.  
jumper - charity shop
dress - charity shop
Converse - TK Maxx
necklace - gift from Sarah
(apologies for the blurry picture above - I only realised hours later my camera was set to manual focus...)
This is from Saturday when it got a bit sunny and I got a bit excited so I went for my brightest jumper and Converse!  Then my friend and I went to the cinema and sat in the dark watching the fantastic Warm Bodies.  It was such a sweet movie and Nicholas Hoult was as super as ever - he really had the zombie thing down, it was so funny.  Then we went to Frankie and Benny's and discussed what to do next weekend when I visit her in York - any suggestions?  (I posted about my last visit here!) 
tshirt - M&S
thermal top - M&S (here)
jeans - Vera Moda
boots - Converse outlet
Here's Sundays rather practical outfit - with all the beach walking and exploring, thermals and jeans were always going to be my first choice!  I had a pretty horrible sleep but the bracing walk helped blow away some cobwebs, plus I got to have a good look at some of the old buildings I usually run by.  The weekend was unusually packed with activity, which made a change from my usual sit-on-the-couch-all-day routine...


Monday, 18 February 2013

Exploring an abandoned hospital (exterior)

Whilst out walking yesterday, we walked by an old hospital building that Moffat had heard tell of, so of course I had to pop closer for a better look.  It was originally home to an architect, then a children's hospital, and now shares its grounds with a group of sheltered housing apartments for disabled people.  Hence the cars parked to one side.  The building was used for hospital admin until about ten years ago, then suffered a fire a few years later, which seems to have destroyed the roof, although most of the outside is in fine condition.
 The tower part still had its roof and glass in the window.  I was desperate to see inside there!
The spiral staircase got me all excited - look how pretty!  Obviously it was a later addition to the building but it looked quite appealing to me.
Part of the roof on the grass behind the building.
The whole place was surrounded by a fence, but we couldn't really see a way in even if we could get past it, so we settled for taking pictures from the outside.
Some of the windows still had glass, and the detailing was so lovely on some of the sills - there was even evidence of a stone bench where the wall has a curve pattern.
Back of the house - all the fire stairs were cut off half way up so people like us wouldn't try to climb them I'm guessing...
 Along from the main building was a groundskeepers cottage - complete with old washing line poles.  Again, it was pretty well boarded up but I did get a look through some tiny window slats into what looked like a pantry...exciting.
There were some cool lamps dotted around in the overgrowth where there must have been a path originally.  It was a rather weird effect though, seeing them in amongst all those trees like they were part of the countryside!
One of the pillars outside the main door, love the detailing.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Doon the water...

The weather was lovely today so I gathered a couple of my comrades and we went off a huge walk.  Now, it was by no means warm or calm weather, but it was nice enough not to want to sit in the house all day.  We had a wander along the beach - along with half the town it seemed, there were even kiddies in their bare feet building sandcastles.  Eek!  I had many layers on and was still freezing, the ear muffs helped a bit though...
We walked along walls...
...and skipped over puddles...
...and did, eh, this...
We even saw a sand crocodile, complete with shell claws and eyes, it was so cool!  Afterwards Moffat and I popped into a cool coffee shop he discovered a few months ago.  We ate a giant bowl of nachos and a huge slice of Nutella cake, and I got a fabby fruit smoothie - I just told the girl I didn't like bananas and she mixed a whole bunch of other fruit together to produce a delicious pink concoction, yummy!  Now I'm watching Jurassic Park and trying not to fall asleep before Mr Selfridge...

How was everyone's weekend?  Hope the weather was nice where you are!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My week in pictures...

the day I got soaked...again - bought a knitting mag for the wool! - pic n mix while cashing up
new ice cream flavour! - shopping Brand Morrisons - my fave Quorn burgers with relish
I bought books! - and an exercise DVD - latest library reading
You can tell I've been completely lazy the past week when there's so many food pics!  I can't be in the house without decent (read: yummy) food, I'm one of those awful people who eats out of boredom.  I fancied trying the new Haagen Dazs mint chocolate flavour, which was awesome, I'll be back for more soon.  Other than that I've mostly been reading - any time I've picked up a Nicholas Sparks book it's been destroyed in one or two sittings and Safe Haven was no exception.  They're always a bit predictable and slushy but that's the draw, sometimes I just like turning my brain off...  I also tested the Jennifer Ellison work out DVD (found for £1 in a charity shop).  At the end I was all 'I feel fine, what was I doing wrong?' (actually I was doing most of the dance moves wrong, most unco-ordinated person ever) but my muscles paid the price a few days later so it must have worked a bit!


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Challenge 6...

A new week, a new challenge!

Challenge 6 - Turn a few different corners on a familiar path.
I foolishly decided to run outside this morning, so I took the above challenge rather literally.  The run itself went pretty well, it was just SO. COLD.  My legs and ears were freezing the whole time, but I couldn't pass up the chance to exercise more quickly than the gym on a relatively calm day, so off I went.  I have a fairly regular route which takes me to the very nice end of town via the beach and loops back.  This time I ran the beach part as usual but turned down a few different streets.  I still knew vaguely where I was the whole time but I found a whole new bunch of mansions to drool over.  If I was a slightly better runner I could have got to one of the neighbouring villages with the super mansions...  One day!  I was actually back on track for the last part of the route but had to turn down another street since the road was closed off due to a car smashing into a wall - there were about ten police officers huddled around so I figured taking a picture of that part may not have went down well!

(Recently Sarah tried food she hated as a child and (almost) read a classic novel, go support her!)


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Faff Favourites

Not much has happened this week...  I tested a different beer (Beck's, not great), my friend and I met each other wearing identical skirts and Mother broke out a box of tiny Christmas chocolates from Germany.  Actually that's not too bad really!

Here's some recently discovered links...

DIY Pompom Flowers - yes please!

'I pretend they're dead.' About 'men who mysteriously disappear off the face of the earth.'

Also Wake Up Full Of Awesome

40 of the worst wedding photographs you'll ever see 

Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed 

Vix inherited a gorgeous friendship album

My favourite this week!  32 of Life's Most Underrated Activities

I recently joined Pinterest and got slightly sucked in this weekend, so come over and say hi!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

A week in outfits...

I don't really have much to say today, but I have been taking some outfit pics for a change this week, so I figured I'd share them.  I managed to get sick on Tuesday, just a bad cold, although it seemed to hit me all of a sudden - right as I had two days off of course.  I didn't feel like sitting about all day (unusually) so I went a wander on Tuesday to get food and pick up a library book, which turned out to be the second book in the series rather than the first, so I had to go back yesterday and sort it out.  Mind you, this way I can just read them both when I get my hands on the first one, handy!   The library were also selling off some fiction books for 20p each so inevitably, two found their way home with me...  Then I bought three more in the charity shop yesterday...oops.
cardigan - charity shop
tshirt - Topman via charity shop
jeans - Vera Moda
Converse - TK Maxx
 Comfort and warmth were the main objectives when going out in gale force winds and rain to buy food.
jumper - H&M
skirt - charity shop
shoes - New Look
I even surprised myself by making an effort when going out for a pub dinner on Friday night - we had food, drank a bit and got accosted by a random drunk stranger.  Oh and I saw a girl taller than me, good night overall!
jumper - charity shop
leggings - Topshop Tall
slippers - BHS
 This was me being lazy at the weekend, watching The Office on DVD and knitting and eating crisps was as strenuous as it got...
jumper - Topman
dress - M&S Autograph
Converse - gift
From yesterday, when I only went out to pop to the library and charity shops at the end of the street - the weather had vastly improved and I quite fancied a walk, but the icky stuffed up cold feeling is still hanging around, so I went home with many books for more DVD time.

(my photos have been annoyingly blurry on here lately, anyone know how to fix that?  I only edited the size of them this time so dunno quite where I've went wrong...)


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Five Year Diary

I got this rather good present at Christmas - a five year diary.  With questions, so I always have something to write about, which is handy for those days when I laze about and don't do anything noteworthy.  I've tried keeping an actual diary for the past few years but I don't usually complete them, or read them back for that matter, so it seems a bit pointless.  This way I don't have to write a huge amount plus I can see how I evolve (or not) in the future.
 Each page has a few lines to write your answers every year - the question on my brothers birthday made me smile... 'What was the last party you went to?'  That should be easy to answer!
 Here's a sample from the other day (this is how most of my days go mind you...).
Does anyone have one of these?  It's one of those fab gifts that manages to be fun and useful at the same time...


Monday, 4 February 2013

Challenge 5...

This weeks challenge is here!  

Challenge 5 - Buy yourself something frivolous.
I may as well start by admitting that *technically* I didn't actually buy myself a magazine subscription.  And I also didn't do it this year.  But it totally still counts, here's why - I spent some of my Tesco Clubcard vouchers on two magazine subscriptions shortly after Christmas but with all the faffing involved, the first one only just turned up.  (For all non-Brits, Tesco is a supermarket chain that uses a loyalty card scheme, which sends out vouchers a few times a year worth however many points you've built up with shopping, petrol etc. You can then use them for groceries or trade them for something better online.)  For the first one I got seven issues of Empire magazine, but for the second I decided to choose something totally random, so went for Britain magazine.
I'd never even heard of this before subscribing, but I suspected it would contain lots of lovely photos, and I wasn't disappointed.  It's doing it's job in fuelling my cottage-with-gorgeous-wild-gardens obsession and has a bunch of interesting articles.  At £3.95 for only 98 pages (with a lot of advertisements) it's probably not something I'd normally buy, but getting six 'free' issues is definitely a nice treat!  My mum gets Scottish Field at work and it's not unlike that, for anyone who fancies giving it a go.

(Last week Sarah wrote a letter to her future self - I'm a bit afraid of this one!)


Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Challenge - over!

Well, my 'Blog every day in January' challenge is over.  And I evidently failed at it.  Although I must admit, I don't feel too bad about it.  While I liked the challenge of coming up with blog ideas and being more consistent, I didn't particularly care for the execution part of it.  The picture editing, formatting, stringing sentences and paragraphs together and just trying to be interesting enough was hard work.  Not completely unexpected, but it did confirm my preference to be creative away from technology - knitting and taking pictures mostly (ok, not totally technology free...), plus reading and running and deciding which weekly challenge to take on next.  I hit a bit of a wall last week and, even though I had a few things I could have written about, just did not want to post.  I didn't want to force myself to just ramble or post something half arsed just for the sake of it, so count yourselves lucky you were spared from that. ;)

I'm not going to stop blogging though, because I like the outlet and community it brings, plus I love reading others posts and interacting with them.  I won't continue posting every day - even though I really admire the people that do, I just don't have enough to write about, plus I don't really want to share every detail of my life on the internet.  I do want to post regularly though, maybe a few times a week, but I'll take it as it comes.  In the meantime, thanks to everyone for stopping by and taking the time to read and leave comments.  It's really nice to find so many interesting people out there!  I should be back stomping in puddles and showing you the pictures very soon...

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