Thursday, 28 February 2013

A trip to Bridlington...

Whilst in Yorkshire, we went a quick trip to the seaside town of Bridlington (last time we went to Scarborough!).  It was completely freezing and stormy but lovely all the same.  I love a good cheesy seaside resort.  We didn't have time for a chippy or a go at the amusement games but I'm definitely planning to head back in the summer!
Has anyone been?  Hopefully the weather will improve soon!



  1. I went to Bridlington every year when I was younger, my Grandma used to take us away for a week to a caravan in Skipsea and we would go to the John Bull Rock factory in Bridlington and load up on sugar!

  2. Love the photos! I guess the one advantage top the not-so-great weather was that there wasn't too many people around!

  3. I've been to Bridlington but was too young to remember it. I never go there or Scarborough because if I'm down that way then Whitby, Staithes or Runswick Bay will win hands down :) LOVE the N Yorks coast!

  4. Bridlington was where we spent our childhood holidays so it will always be a special place to me xxx

  5. I've never been! As a child, we either went to Wales or down south to Somerset, I suppose because I am in the midlands...
    I find out of season seaside resorts extremely charming

  6. Ooh, I feel chilly just looking at those seascapes!


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