Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Challenge 6...

A new week, a new challenge!

Challenge 6 - Turn a few different corners on a familiar path.
I foolishly decided to run outside this morning, so I took the above challenge rather literally.  The run itself went pretty well, it was just SO. COLD.  My legs and ears were freezing the whole time, but I couldn't pass up the chance to exercise more quickly than the gym on a relatively calm day, so off I went.  I have a fairly regular route which takes me to the very nice end of town via the beach and loops back.  This time I ran the beach part as usual but turned down a few different streets.  I still knew vaguely where I was the whole time but I found a whole new bunch of mansions to drool over.  If I was a slightly better runner I could have got to one of the neighbouring villages with the super mansions...  One day!  I was actually back on track for the last part of the route but had to turn down another street since the road was closed off due to a car smashing into a wall - there were about ten police officers huddled around so I figured taking a picture of that part may not have went down well!

(Recently Sarah tried food she hated as a child and (almost) read a classic novel, go support her!)



  1. This is a nice idea, I would definitely get lost though! Well done for getting out running even in the cold! xx

  2. Oh, super mansions... *sigh*

    I'm actually really looking forward to this one. :)


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