Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Challenge 7, 8 & 9

Three in one go for this weeks challenge!  That's what happens when I get dragged out into the world once in a while...

Challenge 7 - Try a new ice cream flavour.
Mhairi had been to a great ice cream place called Mr Moo's and wanted to try and find it again, which of course I wasn't going to object to.  Instead of my usual mint choc chip/coconut/anything with chocolate ice cream choice, I went for something a bit more normal - strawberry and cappuccino.  The strawberry was yummy but the cappuccino was a bit...realistic for my taste.  I like coffee flavoured things but not actual coffee, Mhairi likes actual coffee but not coffee flavoured things, and neither of us liked it haha!
Challenge 8 - Test a new drink.
Ooh this one was predictably fun...hence why I have no pictures of the actual drink!  We went to a gin shop to pick up something for Mhairi's mum, which led to us testing a new (totally awesome) bramble flavoured whiskey.  Later that night we had cherry liquor with West Coast Cooler (too sweet for me!), a fabby new cider that I've forgotten the name of, and more whiskey (Singleton this time) mixed with water.  Also good, but I tend to drink whiskey straight so the added water was a bit strange...
Challenge 9 - Watch a sport.
I really wasn't sure how to pull this one off but luckily the opportunity presented itself on Sunday in the form of the Scotland vs Ireland rugby match.  Mhairi is a huge rugby fan and equal parts Irish and Scottish, and I know not a thing about the game so it seemed as good a time as any to learn the rules whilst ogling tall buff guys.  The end was actually pretty tense so I rather enjoyed myself!

(Lately Sarah's been trying a new restaurant AND a new drink, plus hanging out by herself - check it out!)



  1. Ooh I tried a new drink this week too - Captain Morgan's! AMAZING!! Yeah I like watching the rugby too, though I don't know the rules ;)

  2. Ooo I think I'd like the cappucino icecream, and the bramble whiskey! Yum! xx

  3. I don't think I've ever tried cappucino ice cream, but I love the coffee flavoured ones in Revels, so I thnk I would like it. Not that I'd ever pick it over mint choc chip.

  4. I really want icecream now :( xx

  5. you've put me in the mood for ice cream now! x


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