Monday, 18 February 2013

Exploring an abandoned hospital (exterior)

Whilst out walking yesterday, we walked by an old hospital building that Moffat had heard tell of, so of course I had to pop closer for a better look.  It was originally home to an architect, then a children's hospital, and now shares its grounds with a group of sheltered housing apartments for disabled people.  Hence the cars parked to one side.  The building was used for hospital admin until about ten years ago, then suffered a fire a few years later, which seems to have destroyed the roof, although most of the outside is in fine condition.
 The tower part still had its roof and glass in the window.  I was desperate to see inside there!
The spiral staircase got me all excited - look how pretty!  Obviously it was a later addition to the building but it looked quite appealing to me.
Part of the roof on the grass behind the building.
The whole place was surrounded by a fence, but we couldn't really see a way in even if we could get past it, so we settled for taking pictures from the outside.
Some of the windows still had glass, and the detailing was so lovely on some of the sills - there was even evidence of a stone bench where the wall has a curve pattern.
Back of the house - all the fire stairs were cut off half way up so people like us wouldn't try to climb them I'm guessing...
 Along from the main building was a groundskeepers cottage - complete with old washing line poles.  Again, it was pretty well boarded up but I did get a look through some tiny window slats into what looked like a pantry...exciting.
There were some cool lamps dotted around in the overgrowth where there must have been a path originally.  It was a rather weird effect though, seeing them in amongst all those trees like they were part of the countryside!
One of the pillars outside the main door, love the detailing.



  1. Love a bit of urb-ex, I'm sure if you Google it, you'll find somebody who has ventured in!

  2. Gorgeous building, what a shame it's derelict, it would make an incredible apartment block (or mega Wetherspoons!) x

  3. I definitely spent some time looking at these photos to see if there was a GHOST FACE in any of the windows.

    Old hospitals = ghosts. That's just scientific fact.

  4. What a beautiful building! I hope it gets resurrected one day soon.

    (and, ooh, I see the photo you mean!)

  5. I love exploring unusual places like this. xx


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