Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My week in pictures...

the day I got soaked...again - bought a knitting mag for the wool! - pic n mix while cashing up
new ice cream flavour! - shopping Brand Morrisons - my fave Quorn burgers with relish
I bought books! - and an exercise DVD - latest library reading
You can tell I've been completely lazy the past week when there's so many food pics!  I can't be in the house without decent (read: yummy) food, I'm one of those awful people who eats out of boredom.  I fancied trying the new Haagen Dazs mint chocolate flavour, which was awesome, I'll be back for more soon.  Other than that I've mostly been reading - any time I've picked up a Nicholas Sparks book it's been destroyed in one or two sittings and Safe Haven was no exception.  They're always a bit predictable and slushy but that's the draw, sometimes I just like turning my brain off...  I also tested the Jennifer Ellison work out DVD (found for £1 in a charity shop).  At the end I was all 'I feel fine, what was I doing wrong?' (actually I was doing most of the dance moves wrong, most unco-ordinated person ever) but my muscles paid the price a few days later so it must have worked a bit!



  1. I cant' remember the last time I ate ice cream but mint choc chip is my favourite flavour ever.

  2. You're reading Flowers for Algernon - are you doing Alex's Blogging Good Read next month? All the food talk is making me hungry but I have to go for a run before I get my tea - woe!!

  3. Love the sound of that ice cream!


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