Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Weekend adventuring...

This weekend I went to Yorkshire to stay with my bestest friend.  As usual, there was lots of walking and cake and exploring and movie watching and scary driving (mostly from others).  On the way down I had the pleasure of sitting in front of a completely irritating mother and her three children on the train, but I was well prepared with headphones and various reading material luckily.
On Saturday we went into York for some shopping and general wandering - since the bus stopped near Long Tall Sally, we went there first and parted with most of our money on the gorgeous new Spring range.  Expect outfit pics soon!  I did my usual faffing of trying on everything in the shop in various sizes...their sizing is rather inconsistent but the sales staff are always a dream so I left happy with a full bag.  There turned out to be a Viking festival on and we saw random people everywhere walking about dressed up (and I mean everywhere...quite a few were shopping in M&S or eating Subways, which was pretty entertaining).
After realising we weren't getting into Betty's (the famous tea and cake shop), we went to the nearest bakers and bought giant muffins for movie watching.  Mine didn't really last that long...the chocolate part was amazing!
Mhairi has a real coal fire.  Which is now my favourite thing ever.  Except it got SO HOT the novelty slightly wore off.  But I still want one.
On Sunday we braved the cold and went to the beach to test Mhairi's new camera (and take terrible self portraits apparently - Mhairi is just about my height, our angling needs work!).  It was completely freezing, so it didn't take us long to hop back in the car and back to the fire... after *cough* buying ice cream *cough*.

Hope everyone else had a fab weekend!



  1. Oh that cake looks amazing, and what a fun weekend. I went to Betty's for the first time when we were in Harrogate last year, but that muffin looks as good. :) x

  2. Ah I love York! Never go to LTS when I'm there though, I guess because it's no use to my friends!

  3. Ooh, I've never been to York but I'd love to visit it sometime. Coal fires are awesome! Although I think I'd get bored of faffing about with the ashes every night. Sounds like you had a great time :)

  4. Aah I love the York. I miss being so far away from it now.

    Getting into Bettys requires stamina. And a snack to eat whilst you queue I find.

  5. Ooo I love York, I don't know anywhere else you could see Vikings in Subway =) What a lovely weekend xx

  6. I love York, haven't been for years but remembered some really good streets for shopping! Scarlett x

  7. Aww nice to see some photographs of my home city, makes it feel a little closer to Michigan!

  8. I am off to London on Friday and will be visiting LTS. Any items you particularly recommend?


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