Monday, 25 March 2013

A week in outfits...

Last week was pretty work and pyjama focused, I'm surprised there's any outfits to show for it!  I'm continuing the comfort/heat strategy when getting dressed - the weekend was SO COLD, surely we're due a break soon?  Fingers crossed...
Top - Long Tall Sally (here)
Jeans - Long Tall Sally (here)
Converse - TK Maxx
This top and jeans were part of my York shopping spree and I'm totally in love with both - you know when you find an item of clothing that you just know fits super well with your body and wardrobe?  That happened x3 at LTS that day, loving it!
Blouse - M&S Per Una
Jeans - Topshop Tall
Boots - New Look
This blouse was found in the Per Una sale section at M&S, can you believe it?!  I think Per Una has definitely improved recently, some of their new collection is yummy (I have my eye on this tshirt, which I absolutely don't need but am pretending I do when if summer comes...).
Top - George via charity shop
Dress - F&F via charity shop
Converse - TK Maxx
The bargain outfit of the week - the top and dress were both from a charity shop's 10p table last year, and are both about three sizes too big, ie comfy and good for lazing about in!  And obviously I had a hoodie on house is still freezing...



  1. I use to work with a couple of tall ladies and they use to rave about Long Tall Sallies!

  2. For some reason I had it in mind that LTS had closed down, I'm not sure why? The jeans and top are both great, though!

  3. I am off to York in couple of weeks and you're making me want to buy that striped top - it looks fab on!

  4. i really need polka dot jeans. really really. maybe i'll go searching today...


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