Thursday, 7 March 2013

Challenge 10 & 11

Two more challenges ticked off the list this week!

Challenge 10 - Say thank you.
Whenever I stay with someone, I like to send a Thank You card afterwards, just cause I have manners and all.  Which leads me to my next point...

Challenge 11 - Send postcards just because.
I decided to say thank you in the form of a postcard, since I found a fun one with road signs (Mhairi is a very keen driver - we're basically complete opposites).  Then I got Sarah one too, in order to spread the word on how to make Yorkshire tea.  Always good to know.

(This week Sarah gave up her biggest vice - eek!)



  1. I love postcards and sending mail just because. x

  2. Awh how nice, thank you cards and postcards are so under rated =) xx

  3. Aw, the loose sheep are so cute! I loved my postcard - thank you!

  4. I like postcards and sometimes also send them just because - without a real reason. There is something about receiving 'real mail' that is so great!




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