Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Challenge 12

Challenge 12 - Leave a good book for a stranger to find
This is something I like doing sometimes when I'm on the train.  If I've just finished a good book I take it with me and leave it in the gap between the seat and the window for someone to find.  In my head someone finds it and reads it and loves it too - in reality there's every chance the conductor picks it up and tosses it in a pile somewhere.  Lets hope not!  This time I added one of my knitted hearts as a bookmark for extra good karma points ;)

Has anyone done this?  Or found a book?



  1. I think this is such a sweet thing to do, lets hope someone found it who will love it xxx

  2. Have you heard of the BookCrossing site ??

  3. I remember doing this once, like Char said through the Bookcrossing site - I left books on the bus and marked the ones I left at charity shops. You can track them too if someone who picks it up goes to the website. Great fun!

  4. The downside of relying so much on the Kindle is that I never get the chance to do this. But... it's on the 2013 list so I hope to do it, plus I'm getting back in the habit of buying second hand books again, so I'll get there eventually!

  5. I've never found a book but I've released a few into the wild through the Bookcrossing site. One of them ended up a week later in Arlington Virginia which was pretty thrilling.


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