Monday, 18 March 2013

Day and Night...

jumper - charity shop
leggings - Topshop Tall
slippers - BHS
dress - charity shop
heels - M&S
necklace - New Look
Yesterday my friend David got married.  Since yesterday was Sunday, my outfit started off being as scruffy as ever before I decided I'd better make a bit of an effort to get dressed up...  I found this dress with a matching jacket in a charity shop years ago for about £2 and I love getting a chance to wear it - plus it was the only suitable thing in my wardrobe somehow, I'm definitely lacking in the fancy clothes department :/  
 As you can see, we started off well behaved then four drinks and one scarf later, it got rather fun ;)
We managed to get a picture of most of the Original Cinema Crew from the good ol' days - it was so good to see people I've not caught up with in ages, and just as fun to hang out with the ones I see every day.  The groom was obviously allowed the best place in the front, while I'm in the back as usual (gotta stop being the tall one!).  The band was pretty fab and the cake was excellent so lots of dancing, drinking, eating and yapping was done.  Way better than my usual Sunday nights anyway!



  1. That dress looked fantastic, why have a wardrobe full when you've one that looks gorgeous? x

  2. Ah man that jumper looks so nice and snug! Looks like you had a great time at the wedding, I have one to go to next month and I have no idea what to wear!

  3. Love your dress! I find weddings so hard to find clothes for - getting all dressed up really isn't my sort of thing! A Sunday is quite an unusual day for a wedding - looks like you had fun :)

  4. Lovely wedding outfit, that dress looks perfect to me and it looks like a great party. I've not really been to many weddings.

  5. Gorgeous dress and I love that eau-de-nil colour. Looks like you had a great time judging by those photos.
    P.S. Those Shaun the Sheep slippers look comfy - I love Shaun!

  6. Ooh don't you scrub up nicely? What a pretty dress and an absolute bargain.


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