Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Snow Day...

 I may as well admit that we're pretty lucky with the snowy weather where I live, in that the only time I've seen bad snow has been two years ago and maybe once 15 years before that.  Sure we have insane winds and super cold post Christmas temperatures, but the snow itself doesn't lie for more than a day usually.  However, venture a few miles inland and you'll find huge drifts everywhere (and I mean a few miles, these pictures were taken less than eight miles from my mum's house).  I didn't even consider there would be snow when my friend John suggested a walk to the wind farms on Saturday but I had my wellies handy for the inevitable mud, and they came in super handy when I decided I was invincible and started stomping around in the perfectly preserved drifts.  That game came to an end when I stomped into a hidden ditch, tweaked my sore leg then realised I didn't have my inhaler when climbing the first hill.  Oops.
 We had lots of fun taking ridiculous pictures and generally enjoying the solitude - we didn't see one other person, much better than the country park on a holiday weekend!
 I couldn't resist capturing someone else's stupidity for a change ;)
I've heard dogs are hilarious around snow but Lucy was completely uninterested in it all, how disappointing.



  1. What a fantastic open space, I love the look of those wind turbines, hauntingly gorgeous. x

  2. Still undecided whether I like turbines or not...there's tonnes of them up here and because it's so flat, not matter what direction you look, you can see some. Never been up so close to them before though, and they do look quite striking in the photos.

    Lucy looks thoroughly peeved off, as if she's having one of those 'humans are sooo stupid' moments!

    1. Haha that's what I said to John, poor thing having to put up with us! ;)


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