Sunday, 10 March 2013

Faff Favourites...

On Friday night we went out for dinner and Jamie did this cool trick of making 'hand glasses'.  I looked...less cool in my attempt.  Wrists aren't meant to bend that way!  My logic of getting my glasses out the way helped a bit though...  Yesterday I worked in the afternoon, and in the quiet periods my friend and I made a poster encouraging people to donate stuff for a table top sale we're doing next month - we felt it necessary to include a picture of crying Dawson to illustrate our sadness if no-one helped us...
Here's hoping it's a success!

I've been collecting some links this week so here's a lovely list for you.

Finding Yourself Back

Time is going to pass anyway - I remind myself of this a lot

In Defense of Taylor Swift - I love her, Mother...does not.  Go figure.

27 Ways to make your groceries last as long as possible

Sarah Von's 7 Best Travel Posts

22 Ugliest Example of 90's Footwear - I actually had number 11.  Cringe.  Luckily I've always hated clogs...

So Many Questions

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage - I may have posted this before but it's an inspiring read

Things I learned while taking a picture of myself every day - kinda ties in with Sarah's latest Basic Camera, Brilliant Pictures post!

Amazing seed stitch wrap - this beauty is on my To Knit list now



  1. I am perplexed by the ugly shoe thing, I personally don't think many of them are ugly. I had a pair of 1, 5, 6 and 9. In fact I had 2 pairs of number 6 and still wear them now. Each to their own I guess!

  2. Ha ha, love the Dawson picture. I had a pair of the first shoes from the ugly list, but they're long gone now.

  3. Thoroughly enjoying the shoes- I must not have been very cool as I had none of these apart from the jelly sandals. I think number 17 are pretty cool though and would like to own some now!


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