Sunday, 24 March 2013

This Week...

eating - pasta and salad and herby feta cheese cubes found in a jar in Lidl.

reading - books and Empire and Stylist (brought to me weekly by my Glasgow working friend ;)).

watching - good movies and terrible movies and The Office and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (ah the nostalgia!).
pausing - my tv at the best times...always when Ed Helms is on weirdly.

day dreaming - of warm days and running again and maybe acting like a grown up at some point this year.

limping - around everywhere on my inexplicably sore leg.
lunching - on chicken salsa baguettes and tortilla chips.  I'm all about the protein this week.

testing - my new pompom maker, it's so quick!

night dreaming - of just about every character on The Office.  Each night.  I'm having pre withdrawal symptoms already.
buying - sweet stuff in Farmfoods - 5 for £1 on TicTacs and Galaxy, sigh.

cleaning - everything at work in preparation for a management visit tomorrow.  My hands took a lot of scrubbing on Friday...

avoiding - eBaying my next wee pile of stuff, although I did sell a few things last week, I just need to keep the momentum up.
observing - Mother's method of searching for hotels online to see how they compare to the brochure...

waiting - for November to roll around.  Mother and I booked our flights at the weekend for America - San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York, here we come!

planning - how I'm possibly gonna survive working five days this week.  Less faffing will need to be done anyway...



  1. Your mother looks like me when i'm trying to find a hotel, I search everything. Ah man!

  2. Ahh, I'm so jealous! That holiday is going to be awesome. I REALLY want to go to SF, I went to New York a few years back and I really want to go back there too.

  3. We have just gotten Sky+ in our house and I always seem to pause it when people are pulling the weirdest faces! It's a bonus if it's Ed Helms' face though, he's hilarious.

  4. Massive craving for feta cheese right now! xx


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