Friday, 19 April 2013

A month at the movies

I've hardly watched any movies in the past month!  A mixture of back shifts and opening early when the schools were off mean my movie checking time has been seriously limited, plus there's not been much on the line up I've been really interested in seeing.  I'll leave all the movie excitement to next month, when Sarah and I will be seeing OMG GREAT GATSBY AAAHHHH!!!! (Which better be good, I've been waiting ages for the next Baz Luhrmann movie!)  Anyway, back to the present...

I kinda loved The Incredible Burt Wonderstone for the sheer naffness of it all.  It's absolutely not a good movie but I tend to like anything Steve Carell does, there's just something incredibly fun about him.  Jack the Giant Slayer pleasantly surprised me - I was expecting another Pirates knock off but it was actually a bit different and nice to see a fairy tale that's not been overdone - yet.  (Although Jack wearing a hoodie kinda bugged me for some reason...).  At the total other end of the movie integrity scale was Trance, the latest Danny Boyle film.  It was superb and twisting and disgusting.  In a good way of course.

What's everyone else been to see this month?



  1. Nothing! I am hopeless with films, but I DID finally see Fargo, about 20 years late, and loved it!! :) xx

  2. I really liked Jack the Giant Slayer! It had a mild Princess Bride vibe going on - much more fun than I expected it to be :)

    Hmmm, what else have I seen?

    A Late Quartet - brilliant. Made me cry
    Side Effects - also v. good and dark and twisty
    Trance - loved it! Although the gory bits were a tad grim
    Place Beyond The Pines - good in a totally unexpected way

    And probably some other things. I've been loads recently but can't remember half of them.

  3. I hadn't been to the cinema in waaaay too long, but when I was in Bath with Alex last weekend we went to see The Place Behind the Pines and I really liked that. I hadn't known anything about it beforehand, so it's always nice when something like that is enjoyable. Plus it had Bradley Cooper in it - bonus. Have you seen it?

  4. Haven't seen anything this month but really looking forward to all the films coming out (at least US wise) in May - Star Trek, Great Gatsby, Iron Man for starters!


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