Monday, 15 April 2013

A week in outfits

jumper - charity shop
dress - charity shop
shoes - TK Maxx
This is the dress I found in the charity shop a few weeks ago - I've not taken it in yet but I stuck it in the wash (as I usually do with charity shop purchases) and it came out about eight inches shorter.  Eh what?!  I gave it a pretty thorough iron which seems to have stretched it a bit but it's much shorter now, not sure it's gonna work for summer after all.  Faff.
top - George via charity shop
vest - M&S
jeans - Long Tall Sally (here)
Converse - gift
Think this was another walk outfit.  My memory is shocking.  The photos don't always reflect it but I've been wearing more jeans lately, thinking my summer wardrobe will be mostly denim and t-shirts this year...
cardigan - made by Mother
dress - Matalan
Converse - gift
Another cold day dress and cardigan combo - after a few wears I've decided this dress is definitely shorter than I'm comfortable with so I may try experimenting with extending the hem.  And if it all goes wrong it would make a cute top anyway...



  1. Wow I've heard of items shrinking in the wash, but 8 inches is epic! I've had a lot of clothes from Forever 21 shrink crazy amounts too though, either way it's a pretty dress.

  2. I don't think either dress looks too short, but it's all about what feels comfortable - and I do tend to wear bum-skimming dresses in complete defiance of what a size 14/16 *should* wear!

  3. That dress isn't too short but it's what you're comfortable with! 8 inches is one heck of a shrinkage! x


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