Monday, 29 April 2013

Challenge 14

Challenge 14 - Write a big, long list of things that make you happy.
I've been working on writing my list for this challenge for a while now.  I think it's something that, if you sit down to just make a list, it's harder to get your brain in gear, so I've been keeping my notebook in close vicinity the past few weeks so I can add things when I think of them.  As a result, the list ended up being pretty...diverse.  Enjoy!

  • Watching movie trailers.
  • Having a day off with no plans.
  • Big fat green grapes.
  • Lunch with friends.
  • When I find what I need in the shops (bonus points if they're super quiet!). 
  • Knitting and knitting and knitting...

  • Laughing til I cry.
  • Hanging with Mother.
  • Rediscovering old favourite songs (then basking in their goodness).
  • When my Empire magazine gets delivered.
  • The smell of memories (i.e. when someone walks by with familiar scent on).

  • That tipsy moment where I've had a beer or three and think I'm hilarious.
  • When my legs burn after a run.  Also running to the beat of my favourite songs.
  • A fab movie.
  • Rewatching Phantom of the Opera.  Again and again.
  • Freshly washed hair.

  • Taking pictures.
  • Dancing to those songs that get me moving! (This and this and this)
  • Every time I watch this.  And every other unexpected moment of wonderfulness on my favourite TV shows.
  • Freshly epilated legs.
  • That first length in the swimming pool.

  • Rollercoasters (and staff outings!).
  • Meeting the girls for coffee.
  • Discovering a new route on our walks.
  • Discovering an abandoned building I can poke around in on our walks.
  • Going to stay with my oldest friend.

  • Wellies.
  • Slippers.
  • Cosy socks.
  • Giant scarves.
  • Furry ear muffs.

  • Hanging out with a bunch of my favourite people all at once.
  • Finishing a really good book.
  • When I go to work and there's interesting staff to talk to!
  • Print checking movies at work.
  • Reading on the train.

  • Summer nights spent on the beach.
  • Hilarious outtakes.
  • Random nights out that turn into the stuff of legends.
  • Singing and dancing in my soundproof projection booths.
  • The Paperman short

  • New York.  Of course.


  1. a lovely list, some refreshing unexpected items! x

  2. Nice list, it's always good to make these once in a while. And i loved that Paperman short too!

  3. Like this list - I need to make a similar one to draw myself out of the recent sadness which has descended.


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