Sunday, 14 April 2013

Faff Favourites...

Argh, this week somehow seemed super slow at the time, yet I can barely remember anything I did...  Not that that's unusual, mind you.  Another walk took place, which seemed shorter this time but I was ready to collapse by the end.  I wore my actual walking shoes but still got sore feet.  My friend told me about Cheesy Beanos a few weeks ago and I finally got round to trying it - toast with beans and melted cheese was somehow not as OMGAMAZING as I was expecting, thinking I need some brown sauce on the toast layer next time.  I got this dress from M&S and love it so much that I'm keeping an eye out for more colours appearing - fingers crossed!  And I have my favourite three day weekend shift pattern this week so I've decamped to Mothers with a trashy train book for much cake and internet.  Yay!

Here's some fun reminiscing - Kestrel talks Fashion Wheel!

Jurassic Park returns to UK cinema screens in 3D this August - wanna know what the stars look like now?

World's Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

That Awkward Moment When You Realize You've Become Garfield

I don't know about anyone else but I see an expanse of water and just wanna jump in - any one of these 24 Amazing Pools would do the trick...

18 Principles for Highly Creative Living

I'm loving The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on YouTube, a totally hilarious modern twist on the famous Pride and Prejudice story.



  1. make cheese on toast if you want a tang add a dash of worcester sauce or marmite and then put the beans on top of that, much nicer ;-)

  2. That is a cute dress, comfy and classic.

  3. Mmm cheesey beans are great in baked potatoes too!!


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