Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Further Adventures in Abandoned Castle Exploration

one man and his dog...
Moffat and I went another walk to the castle on Sunday afternoon.  We've went up a few times, although I haven't been since boxing day, or posted pics since the first time.  We also met a couple there for the first time - normally it's pretty abandoned whenever we've been there.  They turned out to be fellow explorers though, so Moffat the local history expert gave them a castle lesson and told them which parts to go into.  I just stood by and snapped pictures as usual...
I wanted to explore more in the gardens this time - every time we go I see something different!  We briefly went into the castle and servants house and both were a bit more collapsed than last time, likely due to the crazy winter weather.  The gardens were super overgrown but we did find a few more shortcuts in and out of the grounds, well worth the trip!  We also stumbled across the above metal post complete with gears - Moffat reckons it's as old as the main castle but if anyone knows what it actually is we'd appreciate the help!

Did everyone else have a lovely weekend?



  1. I do like your exploring photos!

  2. Love it when you go exploring! That must have been on grand castle in it's day!


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