Thursday, 18 April 2013

Knitting - Seed Stitch Wrap

It occurred to me recently that I never really share my knitting projects on here, despite spending a fair amount of my time with needles in my hands.  I've been knitting fairly consistently for the past twenty years, having been taught at a pretty young age by my mum and primary school teachers (knitting was my favourite part of the week, second only to library time...evidently I've not changed much!).  I must admit, I'm not much into the complicated patterns - I have a terrible habit of knitting a bit then not picking it up again for a week, by which time I've forgotten which part of the pattern I'm supposed to be on.  I'm trying to change that though!  Not with my current lovely pattern mind you...  I found the Seed Stitch Wrap on The Purl Bee last month and was charmed by it's prettiness and the simple design.  It's just a constant K1, P1 stitch but it creates a lovely moss stitch, plus it uses double knitting wool, which my mum has boxes of, so it won't even cost me anything to make - bonus!
Here's my work in progress.  It knits up really quickly while I'm watching my backlog of TV shows on the laptop and the pattern is obviously so easy I barely need to think about it.  I think I'll leave the skills developing to the next pattern then...

Has anyone else made this up?  I'd love to see pictures!



  1. That's lovely, I really like the colours together. I'm afraid seed stitch is a big no-no for me as I hate stitch patterns where I have to change from knit to purl so frequently as I find it really interrupts my knitting flow!

  2. Oh I really like the colours you have chosen for the wrap.

  3. That is going to be a lovely wrap when it's finished. I've never really got on or got my head around knitting and I certainly can't do it very neatly - much more of a crocheter and cross stitcher me when it comes to crafts!

  4. Oh, I was eyeing this up too! It looks very labour intensive though! Scary!! x


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