Monday, 1 April 2013

Living the quiet life...

 I've been spending a lot of time just chilling out and hiding from the cold lately.  Most of this year in fact.  I just have no motivation to do anything that requires much effort, so the past few weeks have involved lots of couch surfing after work and on days off, popping to Lidl and back for essentials and going for tea at our favourite local coffee shop.  Or in the case of the above picture - drinking green tea (from my only/favourite mug) and reading every magazine that comes my way, even the Scouting one.
 I was at my mums this past weekend because I knew my flatmate had friends staying and I wanted to get at least some sleep.  He's lovely but not great at being quiet or getting the front door open when drunk ;)  It worked out pretty well for me though, Mother bought me a new fabby twist on Easter eggs and my new Britain magazine came, complete with a feature on Scottish gardens and some old Royal family pictures.  And if you read yesterdays post, you'll see I even got out for a walk.  I had to go to work on Sunday but it was a short shift and I got loads done, even if sorting out old posters gave me bloody paper cuts all over my hands...
I've not got much planned for this week either - another walk is happening this afternoon since my friend has a day off work.  Since she got a 'real' job last year it's a bit of a novelty to see her during the day!  I feel like doing some reading and crafting from the comfort of my living room, although I'm still on a mission to find a desk so a trip to the charity shop may be in order...  Last week I popped into my favourite one on the way to Lidl and found a knee length floral dress - just what I've been looking for!  And at £1.50 I can ignore the fact that it's a size 20 (and that weird back neck strap thing...) and will likely need to be attacked with the sewing machine soon.

What's everyone up to this week?



  1. Look forward to seeing that dress after you've worked some sewing machine magic on it!

  2. I love getting random things from Lidl! I usually find a few bit when I'm popping in for a massive tub of potato salad (I'm addicted...) Happy Easter.

    Liz xx

  3. I'm the same, I feel I haven't done much this year at all, it's been too cold!

    That dress is lovely, I agree with Kestrel - it'll be cool to see how it looks once you've adjusted it.

  4. Ah I have a crazy busy week - off to a gig Wednesday, seeing an estate agent Thursday, wedding Saturday and the zoo on Sunday. I'll be catching up with myself on the other days!

  5. That dress has definitely got potential, can't wait to see it transformed! x
    PS Skyfall was brilliant!


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