Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Out walking (or killing our legs)

 My friend and I have been on two giant walks the past week.  Kinda by accident actually - we started with just a general idea of which direction to go and were so busy yapping that we made it way further than intended!  So I've decided to always go walks with someone worth talking to from now on ;)

The above is an old gatehouse on the edge of an estate (near the quilting exhibition).  As usual I tried to find a way in but it was pretty well boarded up, although we did managed to peek through that wee window next to the door, the inside was just full of old broken furniture.  We also found an otter on the path round the side, which Leanne immediately took concern over since it looked injured, but we couldn't find a ranger in the vicinity, so hopefully it was just...sunbathing....
 Leanne trying to work out whether to call the SSPCA...
After all the otter and quilt excitement, we wandered back to town via the 'fancy houses' streets.
We also found a new shore road that took us up a hill and into the next town.  I used my compact camera instead of the DSLR, which was lighter to carry but the picture quality wasn't great...
 A few days later we walked in the opposite direction and realised we could walk along the beach to the one two towns over.  It took a few hours (extended thanks to one very long necessary detour when a river blocked our path) but it was almost sunny the whole time and not many other people were attempting the walk so we had peace for the most part.
These pictures turned out a bit better - the views from this beach obviously helped!  We made it to town and got lunch, then discovered a fab sweet and cake shop.  I had a coconut meringue cookie with cherries and chocolate chips, which sounds like overkill but it was super!  Then we got the train back.  Because I still had to go grocery shopping and my legs weren't up to THAT much exercise.

We're walking again on Wednesday and trying to think up a new route, hopefully the weather will hold up a few more days!



  1. Ooh some lovely Big Skies on the beach there! Am concerned for the otter though :(

  2. I love your beach photos - I'm a big fan of beaches!

  3. Gorgeous open spaces and blue skies! x


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