Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quilting love...

My friend Leanne and I went a huuuuge walk yesterday and ended up in an estate with an art gallery.  We were walking through anyway so decided to check out a quilting exhibition they had up.  Now, I'm not really a fan of traditional quilts (they always seem a bit naff to me!), but these ones were something else.  The insane detail that had obviously went into each one was outstanding - each design was like a work of art.  Technically I wasn't meant to be taking pictures so please excuse the terrible quality of these camera phone shots...
I got really excited over this honeycomb design, partly because I'm making my own knitted version and partly because it was so tiny and intricate - each hexie was about two inches wide and the fabric mix was just lovely.
Leanne was super impressed that this one was made out of old shirts!  Each square had a cool twisted design sewn in and the quilt was edged with the front button sections of the shirts.
 Now this one completely took my breath away - it was massive so was hung in pride of place in the entryway (guarded by a receptionist, hence a rather rubbish close up shot...).  It's name was something like 'Postage Stamp Quilt' because each square...was the size of a postage stamp.  There were HUNDREDS of pieces sewn together then a swirl design stitched over each square, I can only imagine the patience and time it must have taken to construct it.  We stood in front of it for ages spotting designs in each piece.  Or rather, I did.  Me 'Oh look, a teeny snowman!  A teeny rhino!  Holly!'  Leanne 'hmm?  Oh yeah...'
Some other cool designs - the triangle one was also pretty huge and had tons of gorgeous floral fabric selections, each one would have made a gorgeous dress for moi.

I overheard the guide telling someone that the next town over has seven different quilting groups alone, not to mention all the other groups they run from the centre.  Maybe sewing has come back in a bigger way than I realised?!



  1. I went to a quilting course a couple of years ago (cos I'm cool)and I really enjoy it. I does take absolutely ages though! xx

  2. I love the fishy quilt - very cute. Quilting is huge over in the US and the patterns are amazing in detail. Incredible the amount of work that goes into them!

  3. They look amazing, I love all the different fabrics and designs. I always thought quilting was a bit naff too, but then I read a book about it which really changed my opinion. It never occurred to me how much work went into them. Plus I always just assumed a quilt was for a bed - I never considered they could be works of art!


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