Monday, 27 May 2013

A festival and Challenge 17

About a month or so ago I found out there was going to be a festival near me the last weekend in May.  Being optimistic, I decided we had to go because 'the weather will have sorted itself out by then and we can have a picnic!'  Well...  The weather did make an improvement but not really enough to be having picnics!  But we still made it to the festival, and I got my first ever Pimms and lemonade (verdict - meh) and we got some exploring done.  Not a bad day!  It also ticks off another one of mine and Sarah's challenges...

Challenge 17 - Go to a local event.
I'm afraid I took a lot of pictures I just loved, so you'll have lots to look at in this post...  
I let Leanne stand on a higher step to be eye level with me for a change!


  1. I've always wanted to try Pimms too - not sure I'll bother if its meh! Looks like it was a fun day out, love the photographs - the one with the toppled gravestone thingy is really cool.

  2. What a great day out (and I'm with you on the Pimms - I don't get why people love it so much)


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