Sunday, 19 May 2013

A trip to Glasgow...

So I got to hang out with Sarah on Friday!  We ate pretzels, drooled over stationery in Paperchase and watched Great Gatsby (me for the second time in two was still good ;)).  And look how lovely the weather was!  We thought it was a sign that summer is finally appearing but then of course it rained all day yesterday, hmph.
Leanne also came along to hang out and help us take pictures without balancing our cameras on a bin this time.  So that was handy.  I managed to restrain myself on the shopping front and just picked up a fun pen in Paperchase and a bracelet in the new Forever 21 - that shop is insane!  Three levels of clothing, most of it far too young for me.  (Yeah I felt pretty old in there...)  After the cinema we went for yummy pasta with chips and garlic bread - it was carb-tastic!

We made tentative plans for another meet up in a few months, when Sarah calms her life down a bit!  In the meantime we have an exciting new venture coming up later this week, stand by for more details soon!



  1. Aw, what a fun meet-up! I love hanging out with blogging friends :) Forever 21 is pretty awful, lots of clothes of horrible quality and everyone is either 16 or 45 pretending to be 16 (hence the title "forever 21," haha).

  2. Ah, I love Glasgow. And your t shirt is awesome!

  3. What a fab day and you got sunshine, too! x

  4. That third picture down looks like some sort of 'artist's impression - the sky doesn't look real!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day! I'd love to visit Glasgow.


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