Thursday, 9 May 2013

April in Books

This month seemed pretty slow for book reading, but I think that's because I spend ages reading one then got through the other three in a week or so!  That seems to be my typical reading style these days...

Love Always by Harriet Evans - This was given to me by my chick-lit-loving friend Kirsty and I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did (she also gave me another Harriet Evans that I couldn't get through, I find her books a bit hit and miss).  It's one of those books with past and future story lines running together throughout - a woman is given the diary of her aunt, who died young at 15 in possibly dodgy circumstances, so we get to hear the 1960s version of events and the present day repercussions.  I usually like the past stories better in books and this one was no exception.  A bit daft overall but I'd recommend it for an easy read.

One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon - Kirsty is also a huge Paige Toon fan so I've been reading all her books.  This one was another past/future type story, and I can't say I enjoyed it as much as some of her past books, although I like how she links little details throughout them all, so if you read them in order it's fun when a past character's name is dropped into the narrative.

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes and Matthew Sturgis - I got this book for Christmas and it's been sitting in my book pile ever since, probably because I think hardbacks can't really be carried around in a handbag so it's hard to read on the go.  However it's also a fun, easy to digest history lesson with gorgeous pictures generously scattered throughout.  So it's worth lugging it about.  Or lying in bed one morning to read most of it...

When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman - I just reread this because I was looking for something I knew would be good.  Does anyone else do that?  It's fantastic, even if I can't quite pinpoint why...  Just read it and you'll know what I mean!

Have you guys read anything good that I should add to my list?



  1. I've read quite a few books lately, which is good as I'd been worrying about falling right behind with my 52 in 52 challenge for the year! The most enjoyable one has been an old favourite, Monsoon by Wilbur Smith.

  2. I loved When God Was A Rabbit. Recent reads that I've enjoyed include Wonder by RJ Palacio, World War Z by Max Brooks, Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. All quite different!

  3. Oooh I really enjoyed When God Was A Rabbit too...! Have you read Gone Girl? It's a thriller but v good.

  4. Yes I loved When God Was a Rabbit! I get the feeling if I re-read it I'd see loads more little nuances too, although I don't generally re-read as a rule - not enough time to read stuff in the first place let alone repeat myself! x


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