Wednesday, 15 May 2013

At Moffat's house...

the bookcase
a very small part of the vintage telephone collection
retro calculators
another viewpoint
excellent fridge decor
My friend Moffat is a giant nerd and a big collector of various items, mostly related to vintage technology.  The other night when I was round visiting, I kept seeing interesting bits everywhere - strange, since I've been there so often but it's just occurred to me to start photographing it all!  Everywhere I looked there was something new to discover.  You can just see the Valentines card from his girlfriend in the phone picture - a word spelled out in binary code.  They work pretty well together ;)  I have a plan to head back soon and take some more pictures, especially of the telephone and pin badge collections, the latter of which I found on Friday and couldn't stop looking at!



  1. I love it when people collect interesting items!

  2. Oh wow those telephones are beautiful! And how sweet is that Valentine card?! <3

  3. Oh my gosh, the extent to which I now want a sign that says 'Library' for my front room...

  4. I'd never have thought that retro calculators could look so cool! The Valentine card is brilliant :)

  5. Those phones are incredibly lovely! x


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