Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Challenge 15

I feel like I've fallen behind slightly on Sarah's and my list of challenges - technically the end of next month should signal the 30th challenge, being half way through the year, but I'm somehow only at 15...  Time to kick things up a notch I reckon!

Challenge 15 - Try a new beauty/hair/skincare/anything-from-Boots product.
Recently I took a notion to try lipstick.  Don't ask me why - normally as soon as I put anything on my lips the wind makes sure to blow my hair into them and make me all sticky.  Lovely.  But I was wandering in Superdrug the other day and came across their MUA range, which I'd heard good things about, plus their lipstick was £1 AND 3 for 2, can't argue with that!  Obviously I had no clue which colours to go for so I picked two at random plus an eyebrow pencil, another thing I've never had much experience with.
After getting home and playing about a bit, I can say that the lighter colour lipstick is lovely, the darker is not, and the eyebrow pencil looks like it'll be good once I've had a bit of practise with it.  I was surprised at how long the lip colour lasted too - it was a good four hours later when I went for a wash and realised it was still on!  So maybe I've been slightly converted, since BONUS! it didn't stick to my hair, woohoo!


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