Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday Films

Ok, I watched a lot of movies this week.  I had a couple of days off together and one of them had terrible weather so I got all creative and square eyed in the house.  I don't know about anyone else but I can't just watch a movie - I also need to have knitting in hand/laptop on lap/something to potter about with...

There were disappointingly few great movies this week - Patch Adams was 90s feel-good and The Unloved was depressing in a good way.  I thought Working Girl was a crazy spoof of something when I saw the insane hair and make-up, but unfortunately it was definitely taking itself seriously.  The Sweetest Thing and Land of the Lost were truly terrible (which I predicted in advance, so I've only myself to blame), I remember almost nothing about Carriers and I spent most of The Roommate trying to work out which one was Leighton Meester (the other girl looks really like her!).  Good Morning Vietnam reminded me of Steve Carell doing Michael Scott, which made my day slightly.  Zombieland was still fab and Hannah and Her Sisters is now one of two Woody Allen movies I don't hate (the other being Midnight in Paris, cause Tom Hiddleston).  The rest were meh.

Has anyone seen any of these?  Share your opinions in the comments!


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