Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Films

I only watched five films this week!  And three of them I'd seen before!  Whaaat!  (I'm disappointed I have less to write about, you all breathe a sigh of relief...)  I'd like to start with saying that Mud was completely, unexpectedly fantastic and that you all better run down to your local cinemas now and see it before it disappears.  Who knew I'd be bigging up a Matthew McConaughey film?  But he was pretty fab, despite managing to take his top off yet again... (ahem, not that I'm really complaining...)  Django was pretty good too, although Inglourious Basterds is still my fave Tarantino movie - Christoph Waltz is just awesome in everything, isn't he?
I stuck on About a Boy one night when I wanted something fun and easy to watch, it always delivers - I think it made me like Hugh Grant more than I should.   Forrest Gump was on tv the other night and I somehow managed to catch it from the start - it always takes me back to childhood when my brother and I watched it constantly.  Les Miserables was just as amazing as ever - must admit that first scene where they're pulling the ship in doesn't have quite as much OOMPH on the small screen, but it does have the advantage of being able to watch Eponine's song over and over...


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  1. Started watching Forrest Gump last night but saved the second half for tonight. It's (believe it or not) the first time I've watched it and I'm really enjoying it so far :-)


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