Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Into the forest...

Last weeks walk found us in the woods near Leanne's village.  To get there we walked through the gardens of a castle that's been converted into flats.  I never thought I'd find flats attractive after the mostly unbearable variety I've lived in, but these ones were beautiful.  They had their own tennis court!  And the gardens...argh.  It's about time I got rich I think...
We were trying to find a waterfall Leanne remembered from childhood - it took a bit of climbing and sliding down muddy paths but we got there in the end.  It was lovely, so secluded.  We plan on returning when the weather improves to picnic and paddle in the water (surely my bikini will see the light of day some time this year?).
Further along the path we noticed an old building across the water, and on closer inspection we realised there was an old bridge across to it.  (The bridge was NOT heavily guarded by a spiky climbable fence...ahem) The building was just an old water mill, not much to see really.  I got a bit creeped out by it anyway - too much silence unnerves me - so we headed back to the main path and came back to the lovely flats.  Then we walked up various hills to get back to the village, my legs nearly died...  But going by the pictures I'd say it was worth it.



  1. Ahh I love the pictures here, it looks like a little wonderland!

  2. These are beautiful!

    And yes, time to get rich. Definitely.


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