Thursday, 2 May 2013

Knitting in colour...

I was messing around with my camera last week and started documenting different bits and pieces in my knitting collection.  My friend asked to see how many hexie puffs I'd made for my Beekeepers Quilt so I pulled them out to have a look and just kept finding fun angles to photograph.  

the hexies - my Soap & Glory storage bag is  half full now.
I love my Cath kidston needle roll.
my current project, the Seed Stitch Wrap.
my hexie stash bag - featuring Paddington! - and a new project.
Grannys knitting bag :)
one of the drawers has these lovely colours waiting to be used.


  1. Oh I wish I was better at knitting!

  2. This post gives me the thrills! WOOLWOOLWOOL!!!

  3. Those hexes look awesome :)

    I bought that pattern after seeing your last post about them, but haven't started yet. Seeing that photo makes me want to get on with it!

  4. These are such pretty pictures. I absolutely adore knitting. Since it is almost winter I should be getting into some knitting again soon.

  5. That Beekeepers Quilt is awesome isn't it? Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. I had thought about doing one myself but I'm too impatient to knit all those hexipuffs!


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