Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Last Week...

 Our great auntie baked us a giant cupcake to test out a new mould she got.
Like most of her baking attempts, it was...interesting...but the base was sitting on rice paper, which my brother and I went a bit nuts over.  I can never find it in shops now! 
 I was a World Book Night volunteer, so I was sent twenty copies of Casino Royale to pass on to anyone I could - most were distributed at work and to fellow Cub leaders, everyone was very excited about being given a free book!  I got excitement in return when Lucy sent me a fab parcel of fabric for my brothers quilt (he requested an orange patchwork so I'm hunting for unique fabric in every charity shop!).
 Most of last week involved work and couch parking, catching up on knitting and finishing my re-watching of Sabrina the Teenage Witch between many movies.
 A snap of my living room side table in a rare tidy moment.
These shoes have been pretty much living on my feet, as evidenced by the mud I cleaned off them from our last walk.
When I come to Mother's I get to use my giant Andy mug, filled with hot green tea and accompanied by mini Caramel wafers, yum!



  1. That is one epic sized cupcake!

  2. How brilliant is that cupcake?!

    An orange patchwork quilt sounds cool :)

  3. Damn, I want to eat that cupcake!


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